Sunday, October 19, 2008

For mistakes, i cant deny

Once, on this very mountain ,weary and worn,
for her, yes for her, passionate love in my heart was born;

as my eyes found her all over the place,
that reflection in the mirror of her smiling face;

a smile that can set fire even on a stone,
a smile that made me, a heartless person moan;

the mayor lived near the foothill of this exquisite mountain,
his house was located on the road to grand fountain;

he was the one who possessed an intimidation,
he was the one who blocked us from my 'jihaad' destination;

it was eid, I was hiding right behind the door,
I was unaware that she was in the yard, finishing the chore;

there was hustle and bustle in the house for the festival,
despite the danger, I was just waiting for his arrival;

after a strident clamor, making his way he appeared,
I shooted, blood squirted as through his body bullets smeared;

She came rushing, screaming, she was his daughter,
I was numb on realizing this, he was the one I had slaughter;

I froze right there, on seeing her grimace,
my mind congested but I had to flee away from that place;

as I lean back on a snowy night out here on the pinnacle,
I blame and denounce myself, for I have caused her life s debacle;

'Oh god, My god!! - is this desired ecstatic end!’
with her, I craved and yearned for a life to spend;

days and night, I dreamt of telling her my feelings,
Alas! I gave her the wounds for which there are no healings;

as snow is falling thicker and faster around,
with a desolate , death –like absence of sound;

drapping the earth and obscuring the sky,
I have jumped from the cliff ,for mistakes i cant deny.