Sunday, April 5, 2009

Silent Skies...

As the train made its way
through the indistinct darkened forest
the sunrays sifting from the gaps
signified the ray of hope from the deep darkest.

There has always been something
about the alluring elegant nature,
drawing me in a kaleidoscope of thoughts
of dreams, of memories and reveries for future.

Amongst the thoughts, I found a gaze
beautiful blue eyes peeping from some where
dimples so red, so pretty, kept blushing
a smile across the eyes, the toddler wanted to share.

By her innocence, by her cute dances
she filled everyone around with sheer delight
she instilled a sense of thrill in everyone s nerves
a joy she brought with herself in ever site.

For her parents sitting near by
she has been a little bird that sings
she has been a little flower that opens
she has been flying with her tiny wings.

Same instance, another child with her new born sister
was busy cleaning the floor and sweeping the base
his eyes, his helplessness exhibited
his search for someone to embrace.

A part of me was searching for a sweet solace
a part of me sobbed and cried out aloud
for the little ones with glazed, hungry stomach
for the lost questioning, accusing eyes of the crowd!

My illusion that childhood is a happy place
a place of radiant present moment
a place of fun, safety and promises
a place where there is nothing to repent .

But alas!! I was wrong
situations were jaded and wrought
the reality left me empty of tears
and weary with my own thoughts.

They got down at the next station
I pondered over his destination, his shelter
my eyes couldn’t stop but following him
his smile showed me his determination to alter.

When I thought he had no where to go
when I thought he had no more blue sky
his laughter proved me wrong
he showed how he preserved his rainbow even in the dry.

Why to this child? I demanded of the silent skies,
he showed me that life is meant to be lived happily till the last good byes…… :)