Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Show Must Go On

dreams as i say
are the reasons of my stay
everyday a new one
makes my life gr8 fun...

brick by brick, i lay the foundation
with firm and sheer dedication
trying to complete with clay and soil
not caring how much ever i have to toil

whether its stromy weather or blazing sun
i have to go on and get things done
continuing with firm determinaton
hoping one day it will be a fine creation

but even after so much effort
there are some corners i find desert
all of a sudden, i am baffled
there was sumthing tht shattered my castle

now i want to figure out
that ruthless mischievious tout
or was it just destiny
that destroyed it leaving me lonely

wht was the reason of this happening
it has left me so much puzzled, so stunning!
but then i need to understand
tht everything has a purpose and a stand

i realise tht its all for a purpose
maybe foundable or maybe suspense
but there s god above us all
who is watching n grinning at all

he must have done all this with something in his mind
he maybe harsh, but his heart s kind
he wants to teach us a leason
only we need to have the correct perception

irrespective of its dusk or dawn
i have to continue , since show must go on.

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